Technical support operations during Christmas and New Year

Published on Monday 22nd November 2021

Merry Christmas from all of us at Trichromic! We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your business in 2021 and we wish you a very Happy New Year.

Our telephone help desk will be closed from 17:30 on Friday the 24th December and will re-open at 09:00 on Tuesday the 4th of January 2022.

When open, our help desk be contacted on 020-3327-0310 (option 1) and by email at

Those companies with a fully managed service contract should email or leave a voicemail on our help desk during the holiday season and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Our Sapphire CloudDESKTOP, CloudAERO and CloudEXCHANGE services will be continually operating and monitored during the break and we have no current plans for any periods of scheduled maintenance on our hosting or Topaz CloudBACKUP systems.

Did you know it’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

Published on Sunday 10th October 2021

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Have you noticed the rapid pace of change in technology these days? Technology component costs appear to be lower than ever and the ability to connect individuals around the globe has dramatically accelerated the capacity for innovation, and businesses need to constantly adapt or fall behind.

This is a two edged sword. Whilst our businesses have the opportunity to use this new and exciting technology, our people, systems, and processes can’t always keep up with such rapid change. These gaps together with outside problems such as staff using technology from home, ransomware, and supply chain attacks have led to Cybersecurity becoming increasingly important for all businesses.

Recent ransomware attacks on Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods have shown that targeting IT systems is a really effective way to damage our businesses and extort money from corporations.

Very often the weakest link in cybersecurity is humans. Rather than using purely technical methods to crack into a business, hackers use social engineering tactics such as phishing to get information from our employees. These attacks prey on the soft spots of human psychology, and an event such as a global pandemic makes those soft spots even more pronounced.

Throughout October, Trichromic will be sharing resources such as blogs, webinars and podcasts focusing on the cybersecurity issues that we feel are most important to our customers and contacts. If any of this communication hits a nerve and you would like to speak with one of our team to better understand the threats or what you can do to mitigate them or you would like a complementary review of your systems, please call us on: 020 3327 0310

Or send us an enquiry via our website at:

Commonly used computer related TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms), FLAs (Four Letter Acronyms) and other IT jargon to help anyone in a business communicate with their IT department

Published on Monday 10th May 2021

Here at Trichromic we prefer not to use too many computer-related TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms), FLAs (Four Letter Acronyms) and unnecessary IT jargon when communicating with our clients’.

However, these can’t always be avoided (and some like to use them when they shouldn’t) so here you’ll find a categorised glossary of the most commonly used abbreviations which could be useful to anyone talking to IT departments or even an outsourced IT provider like Trichromic. We’ll keep expanding this list and adding descriptions when time permits so please keep visiting to view the latest updates. You can contact us for more information on any of the descriptions below or even to find out how Trichromic can help improve the efficiency of your business processes by harnessing the latest technology. ~ Lloyd Reid

Systems, Standards and Common Terms

AD — Active Directory
ADSL – Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
AI — Artificial Intelligence
ASCII — American Standard Code for Information Interchange
B2B — Business-to-Business
B2C — Business-to-Consumer
BYOD — Bring Your Own Device
CAD — Computer-Aided Design Continue reading

How did cyber-attackers shut off an oil pipeline?

Published on Sunday 9th May 2021

Investigators at the largest fuel pipeline in the US are working to recover from a devastating cyber-attack that cut the flow of oil. The hack on Colonial Pipeline is being seen as one of the most significant attacks on critical national infrastructure in history.

How can a pipeline be hacked?

Colonial Pipeline relies on digital technology to control the flow of diesel, petrol, and jet fuel across hundreds of miles of piping. It even has a robot that scurries through its pipes that checks for anomalies. All this technology is connected to a central system, and where there is connectivity, there is risk of cyber-attack.

How did the hackers break in?

Direct attacks on operational technology are rare because these systems are usually better protected. So it’s more likely the hackers gained access to Colonial’s computer system through the administrative side of the business.

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Trichromic renews their Cyber Essentials certification

Published on Wednesday 24th February 2021

Trichromic has proudly renewed their Cyber Essentials certification.

The standard is part of the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy and demonstrates our commitment to cyber security, our ability to safeguard our own systems, the hosting services we deliver to clients, and it reinforces our capabilities as a managed services provider.

Launched in 2014, the Cyber Essentials scheme focuses on promoting the essential security controls that organisations need to have in place in order to reduce the risk posed by threats on the Internet. The scheme addresses five key controls that, when implemented correctly according to the government, could prevent around 80% of cyber attacks:

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Problems with Windows 7 networking after the January 2019 update (KB4480970)

Published on Thursday 10th January 2019

Unable to access data in numerous Windows shares today after the (KB4480970) update.

When trying to access shares the error “The handle is invalid” is displayed.

Microsoft has suggested various work-arounds but the only fix we have discovered is to completely remove the KB4480970 update.

Update: Microsoft have now released an update to resolve this issue which can be download from here

Microsoft have also explained this only affected users who in the local administrators group which is often the case in a Windows Workgroup environment.

Trichromic has been awarded the 3CX Gold Partner status

Published on Saturday 1st December 2018

The Gold Partner status is awarded to companies who prove their competency installing and supporting the 3CX phone system.

3CX supports many VoIP open standards including SIP and Trichromic is proud to be a 3CX Gold Partner with certified 3CX engineers who have many years of experience installing and supporting the platform. We also provide and support a range of compatible handsets from high quality manufacturers including Yealink.

3CX delivers a flexible and feature-rich telephone solution that ensures cost-savings over traditional ISDN systems. Please contact us for more information.

The General Data Protection Regulation – Part 3: Frequently Asked Questions

Published on Monday 4th December 2017

In part 3 of our series of articles on GDPR, we answer some of the questions that our clients have been asking us. 

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With the GDPR now only a few months away, lots of questions are starting to be asked about the specific details as we all absorb the implications and impact on almost every business in Europe. We will collect and answer some of the most common ones here. Please check back regularly for updates. Continue reading

The General Data Protection Regulation – Part 2: Getting Started

Published on Tuesday 28th November 2017

In part 2 of our series of articles on GDPR, Alex Bailey discusses how to get started on the journey of preparing for it.

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Part 1: Are you Ready?
Part 3: Frequently Asked Questions


That date of 25th May 2018 is getting ever closer! By now you should be well underway with your implementation plans, data flow analysis and documentation.
No? You haven’t even started yet? You are certainly not alone. Many UK businesses, seem to be leaving it rather late to get their GDPR implementation projects up and running. There’s a lot to get done between now and May and you could find you are breaking the law if you are not ready in time.

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Trichromic Sapphire PROTECT managed anti-virus service is now available for Apple macOS as well as Windows.

Published on Friday 16th June 2017

It’s a common misconception that macOS is not targetted by malicious software.

This is because the majority of viruses, worms, trojans and adware are developed for Microsoft Windows due to the prevalence of the operating system (OS). However, Apple macOS is more popular than ever and with popularity comes more malicious software to steal your data and force you to hand over your Bitcoins. We don’t want that to happen to our clients’ so we have rigorously tested many AV products and whittled them down to just one which has minimal impact on system performance while identifying and blocking the most malicious items. Continue reading