THE UK PSTN SWITCH-OFF IN 2025. Ten myths about digital phone lines debunked

Following on from our recent post regarding the switch-off of PSTN (the very old UK system phone system that runs on copper wires), we thought it would be a good idea to debunk some of the scare stories regarding digital phone lines that are doing the rounds.
The PSTN switch-off should be happening in 2025. From then on, at home or at work, we’ll all be using digital phone services. Many businesses have already successfully made the move to digital – they’re already enjoying the many benefits of a new phone system.

At Trichromic we understand that not everyone is fully conversant how digital phone systems work and you may have heard rumours that the technology is not as robust as it should be. We’d like to debunk some of these myths. Here goes:

1. Calls over the internet aren’t as good as those made over a normal phone line
They’re better. Back in the early days of internet calls this observation may have been true. But the tech is no longer new – there have been huge improvements in network connectivity. It’s sophisticated, and delivers crystal clear audio with no more dropouts, tinny voices, echoes, or delays.

2. It’s not reliable. What happens if the cloud goes down?
Digital phone lines can be more resilient than PSTN lines. We use a digital phone system at Trichromic and have very few problems. The majority of the BT network (and international calls) use this technology already with few problems.

3. I won’t have enough bandwidth for calls and data
Calls don’t eat as much bandwidth as you might expect so the vast majority of businesses don’t notice any problems. When we supply a digital phone system, we always work with the customer to understand how you’re planning to use it. That way, we can make sure you have the right type of internet connection for what you want to do and enough bandwidth as well.

4. It all sounds very technical, unlike me
Like cars, you don’t need to understand what happens under the bonnet to be able to drive one. Digital phone systems are actually easier to manage than on-premises systems (we can help you get your people up to speed).

5. It’ll be a huge job moving from my old phone system
Actually, it can be very easy – with the right planning. You can swap out your entire phone system in one go or take a phased approach and introduce it one office at a time.
Digital phone systems come with IP (internet protocol) phones, which is the type of phone you need to make calls over the internet rather than the PSTN network. All you need to do is plug an IP phone into the network or download an app and use a headset, and you’re ready to make and receive calls.

6. I’ll need a new number, which means I’ll lose customers
You’ll be able to keep your current numbers if you want to. It’s actually an opportunity to review your numbers and think about whether you still need them all.
One of the big advantages of digital systems over traditional landlines is that you can have the same number on multiple devices, wherever you are. So customers can ring your office number and you can answer the call literally anywhere you can get an internet connection. You’ll never miss a call again.

7. You can’t do as much with a digital phone system
Not anymore. Cloud systems do everything your on-premises phone system can do and more. Useful features include: call forwarding, diversion, hunt groups and so on.

8. It runs over the internet so it’s not safe
It’s as safe as you want to make it. As long as your internal network is secure, your phone network will be too. Firewalls, encryption, authentication, employee training and so on make sure that your calls and data are protected. Maybe even more so than with the PSTN.

9. It’s not for me. It’s only for big business
It works for all businesses.
The flexibility, agility, and scalability means there’s a digital phone system that’s perfect for every business, whatever your size. You can start as small as you want and expand in line with your business.
This is going to happen – you will have to use a digital system.

10. Something this good must be expensive
Cost saving is one of the major reasons many businesses are already using a digital phone service. As it’s easily scalable, you can grow or shrink it as you need, without the significant costs you’d have with PSTN.

Trichromic can help you decide what system is best for you, supply the hardware and install it. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of a digital phone system, why not give one of our friendly team a call on: 020 3327 0310