We are Trichromic

At Trichromic we like nothing more than to see the improvements in efficiency, reliability and scalability of your business that we can bring you by working closely with your team to understand your specific values and processes. Through our wide knowledge and expertise in the information, communication and computer technology industry we deliver, develop and recommend cost-effective solutions which provide the best value to your business and we also provide IT support to companies in Essex and London.

We Fix >

Almost all our clients have come to us through referrals by other clients. It’s a very common scenario that we are called in to a business to take a look at an existing problem with system stability or performance that has plagued them far too long. Sometimes there is a quick and simple remedy that we can apply from our trove of experience in identifying faults and configuration mistakes; then implementing best practices and industry standard approaches. We take pride in our successes when hunting down and fixing IT headaches. Reliable systems are a vital foundation of any modern business.

What annoying technology problem can we fix for you?

We Improve >

Once businesses have had a taste of our problem-solving and IT support abilities and we’ve demonstrated our technical knowledge and professional approach, we really enjoy talking to them about the specifics of their business operations and finding new ways they could be using their investment in IT systems to improve procedures and work more efficiently. Every good business requires a trusted and impartial IT partner. We are constantly researching and testing out technologies and new products that would benefit our clients. We work alongside you to implement changes as your needs evolve.

What business improvement have you been wanting to make that is still waiting for the right IT solution?

We Manage >

We work with many different types and sizes of businesses. Some simply need an occasional helping hand or some technical advice whilst others prefer more involvement from us on a regular basis. We are the complete IT department for many. Computer systems and networks need constant monitoring for faults and they require pro-active maintenance work. Without such attention, problems quickly develop and can be a disaster waiting to happen. When was the last time you checked your data backup and restore procedures actually work?
Trichromic provides a range of IT management and support solutions to fit all budgets, from simple server maintenance right up to all-inclusive total It support for servers, networks, VoIP telephone systems, desktop PCs, mobile devices and user help desk services.
The most savvy of our clients are now moving their IT requirements into our fully-managed private cloud solutions and are no longer concerned about systems ownership and complex software licencing rules. They simply enjoy scalable IT services ‘on tap’ at a cost that is predictable and affordable.

Why are you worrying about running your own IT systems when we can manage it for you and deliver so much more?