Managed disaster recovery solutions, business continuity planning and testing

A disaster recovery plan is essential for all businesses to protect from minor and major disasters. Minor disasters include power spikes which damage equipment and general IT hardware failures while major disasters include fire, flood and anything else which stops the business from operating entirely. One part of a disaster recovery plan includes protection of your IT infrastructure, processes and more importantly your data. For this reason Trichromic provide a range of services to meet a range of needs and budgets with the most important differential being the return to operation time depending on the disaster scenario.

DR1 restores entire Microsoft servers and PCs to new or existing hardware within 24 hours as long as the backup images are available which would normally be held at the business and manually taken off-site via USB drive.

DR2 provides the same as DR1 with the added benefit of the backup images being automatically streamed off-site to our UK data centres.

Both the DR1 and DR2 plans include regular testing in our data centres and all for a fixed monthly fee.

Please contact us for more information on how Topaz DR1 and DR2 minimises return to operation time in the event of a disaster.