Managed off-site file, database and mailbox backup to our own secure data centre

Trichromic Topaz CloudBACKUP protects enterprise data by uploading file changes into our UK data centres. Automated backup routines are monitored for to ensure success and any issues are dealt with by our managed operations team. All backups are stored for a retention period, depending clients’ specific requirements. Any restoration of data is included in the service.

No additional equipment is required and the service can quickly be expanded to cover more servers and desktop or laptop computers. Data is encrypted before leaving the enterprise network and all backup data remains encrypted in the Trichromic data centres located in the UK.

Any requests for large restores can be completed either across the internet back to the client’s premises or else delivered via a physical USB drive, if the client’s internet connection is not fast enough.

This ability is a particularly important differentiator compared with most cloud backup solutions. Many businesses concern themselves with backup but forget about the restore process and the time that might take to actually carry out. Almost no other cloud backup service will be able to deliver you a bulk data restore when you really need it.

Please contact us for more information on how Trichromic Topaz CloudBACKUP off-site backup could be protecting your vital business data now.