“Simply put – Trichromic cares”

David Collins is Managing Director of Purified Air, a highly successful business focused on providing air filtering systems to restaurants in the fast food, casual dining and fine dining markets. His company uses Trichromic to provide their IT and telephony services.

“Technology is vital for our business, we cannot operate without a sound and reliable base. The team at Trichromic deliver that to us. They act on their promises and we know we can trust them 100%, a rare trait in service providers generally. They keep our servers, e-mail and telephony systems working which means we can focus on what we do best, servicing our clients.”

Trichromic has been working for Purified Air for over ten years, something we are very proud of. We believe in long-term relationships and working with customers to Fix, Improve and Manage their IT and communications platforms. That means we are obsessed with delighting our customers. When asked why Purified Air continued to use Trichromic services, David replied

“Simply put – they care. They can be relied upon to do what they say they will. If we need their help, they will go the extra mile to ensure our needs are exceeded. They are there when we need them. There is no smoke and mirrors with their offering, they listen to and then deliver what Purified Air wants.”

If you also want to be able to take advantage of an IT partner that believes in putting your service at the top of their priority list, then talk to us. We Fix, Improve and Manage your vital IT systems. We are Trichromic.


David Collins, Managing Director, Purified Air Ltd

When it comes to the legal profession, we understand your needs.

Here at Trichromic, we have been helping a number of solicitors’ firms get to grips with their IT and communications ever since we started trading. We understand how important the reliability, the integrity and the security of this key resource is to your business. We commissioned a third party to review our key customer relationships in this sector and here are some of their findings, following a discussion with one of our longest standing legal clients, Gillhams.: –

How would you describe Trichromic’s service?
“Quick, Responsive and Reliable. Their service is brilliant and they know and understand our business inside out.”
“They are our IT department, we appreciate their advice, support and guidance”.

What words would you use to describe Trichromic?
“Excellent, Reliable, Quality, Trustworthy, Knowledgeable”.

Many thanks to Christopher Poxamatis, Partner at Gillhams for agreeing to be involved in our customer survey. We have migrated a number of our solicitors’ firm IT environments to a cloud infrastructure and incorporated secure, remote working services as a part of their overall IT package. That is how we have helped improve their productivity and helped their key fee earners achieve a healthy work/life balance.

To find out how Trichromic can Fix, Improve and Manage your firms E-mail, PCs, Servers, Cloud and communications services why not contact us? Let us add our insight and expertise in what we do to your company’s expertise in what it does.

Christopher Poxamatis, Senior Partner, Gillhams Solicitors LLP

“Trichromic goes above and beyond to ensure our IT works.”

“We know we can trust Trichromic to keep our IT systems operable, no matter what.” Is how Jeremy Brett, IT manager for SEE Rail Ltd responded to the question of why they continue to value our service after so many years. Trichromic provides a suite of solutions to SEE – a major provider of mechanical and electrical services.

During our interview, Jeremy was recalling the time that we helped their business after an unforeseen disaster left their offices in an emergency situation.

“It was the weekend and our offices were severely impacted by an unforeseen and exceptional flood, which resulted in a large number of our PCs being damaged beyond repair. We needed our systems reinstating before Monday morning and, with obviously very little notice, the team at Trichromic responded to our call and were on site within hours. They reinstated our systems through installing new kit where needed and instigated their excellent data backup services. They really went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our business was not impacted more by what was a very testing situation.”

We provide SEE Rail Ltd with IT systems and services for their offices as well as their field staff. Trichromic has worked as a part of their overall team for more than 5 years. We pride ourselves in understanding what the key business drivers for our customers are and live by our values of trust, integrity and excellence. As Jeremy stated “They are responsive, customer-focused and bring us excellent value-for-money. Their knowledge is out of this world and they are always looking to expand it”.

Why not speak to us about how Trichromic can Fix, Improve and Manage your business’s IT systems? Then your organisation can have the confidence in your crucial infrastructure that our existing customers do. That sounds like a distinct competitive advantage.

Jeremy Brett, IT Manager, SEE Rail Ltd