Secure and encrypted messaging is vital for every type of business

Every business relies heavily on email today but how much do they realise its an open and insecure communications channel? Email is like sending a postcard that anyone could read along the way.Surely you wouldn’t want to be sending sensitive information like passwords, credit card details or personal data this way? Naturally, you would want to enclose it in an envelope at the very least and perhaps even encode the information within.

Trichromic Sapphire SecureMAIL is exactly that. It enables sensitive data to be sent and received securely between people in different organisations without it ever being transmitted on the public email systems. When you send a secure message to someone, you are simply sending them a secure invitation to read it on the same system. This also allows for messages to contain attachments that are far larger than permitted on most email servers. For example, a solicitor dealing with child protection matters may need to pass a large bundle of highly confidential documents to another official body. By using Trichromic Sapphire SecureMAIL, they can attach all the documents and then invite the third-party to retrieve them with or without a password sent separately. The sender will be informed that the recipient has opened safely, unlike traditional email receipts that are notoriously unreliable.

Trichromic Sapphire SecureMAIL is also very easy to use because it works seamlessly within your Outlook. You just choose to send out a message by the secure method or the traditional email method. So there’s no excuse for not keeping vital business or personal information totally secure and no need to risk a costly breach of data protection or the upcoming GDPR laws. Any secure messages you receive will appear in your Outlook inbox just like regular emails.

A current major concern for law firms and many other businesses is “CEO fraud” aka “Friday afternoon fraud” (That is where a spoofed email is apparently sent from a senior manager to a member of the Accounts staff instructing them to make an urgent payment into a supplier’s bank account that later turns out to be completely fake.) This is normally attempted after traditional emails have been intercepted so that the criminals can gain valuable intelligence about the company’s details. Trichromic Sapphire SecureMAIL prevents such exposure and also protects your business from email address spoofing. Do you want to…

  • Transmit sensitive data which must not be sent via standard unencrypted email
  • Securely send attachments up to 5GB in size (which is over 100 times larger than most email systems permit)
  • Set a password and a time limit for reading a message
  • Revoke messages after they have been sent and block recipients from forwarding
  • Track message delivery and receive printable receipts when others open and read them
  • Digitally sign attached documents to prove their legal source

You can do all this and more with Trichromic Sapphire SecureMAIL and for a simple fixed monthly price per secure mailbox. So please contact usfor more information on how Trichromic can improve the security of electronic communications in your business.