Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Have you noticed the rapid pace of change in technology these days? Technology component costs appear to be lower than ever and the ability to connect individuals around the globe has dramatically accelerated the capacity for innovation, and businesses need to constantly adapt or fall behind.

This is a two edged sword. Whilst our businesses have the opportunity to use this new and exciting technology, our people, systems, and processes can’t always keep up with such rapid change. These gaps together with outside problems such as staff using technology from home, ransomware, and supply chain attacks have led to Cybersecurity becoming increasingly important for all businesses.

Recent ransomware attacks on Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods have shown that targeting IT systems is a really effective way to damage our businesses and extort money from corporations.

Very often the weakest link in cybersecurity is humans. Rather than using purely technical methods to crack into a business, hackers use social engineering tactics such as phishing to get information from our employees. These attacks prey on the soft spots of human psychology, and an event such as a global pandemic makes those soft spots even more pronounced.

Throughout October, Trichromic will be sharing resources such as blogs, webinars and podcasts focusing on the cybersecurity issues that we feel are most important to our customers and contacts. If any of this communication hits a nerve and you would like to speak with one of our team to better understand the threats or what you can do to mitigate them or you would like a complementary review of your systems, please call us on: 020 3327 0310

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