“Trichromic goes above and beyond to ensure our IT works.”

“We know we can trust Trichromic to keep our IT systems operable, no matter what.” Is how John Ward, IT manager for South Eastern Electrical PLC responded to the question of why they continue to value our service after so many years. Trichromic provides a suite of solutions to SEE – a major provider of mechanical, electrical and building services that employs in excess of 400 staff.

During our interview, John was recalling the time that we helped their business after an unforeseen disaster left their offices in an emergency situation.

“It was the weekend and our offices were severely impacted by an unforeseen and exceptional flood, which resulted in a large number of our PCs being damaged beyond repair. We needed our systems reinstating before Monday morning and, with obviously very little notice, the team at Trichromic responded to our call and were on site within hours. They reinstated our systems through installing new kit where needed and instigated their excellent data backup services. They really went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our business was not impacted more by what was a very testing situation.”

We provide South Eastern Electrical PLC with IT systems and services for their offices as well as their field staff. Trichromic has worked as a part of their overall team for more than 10 years. We pride ourselves in understanding what the key business drivers for our customers are and live by our values of trust, integrity and excellence. As John stated “They are responsive, customer-focused and bring us excellent value-for-money. Their knowledge is out of this world and they are always looking to expand it”.

Why not speak to us about how Trichromic can Fix, Improve and Manage your business’s IT systems? Then your organisation can have the confidence in your crucial infrastructure that our existing customers do. That sounds like a distinct competitive advantage.

John Ward, IT Manager, South Eastern Electrical PLC