Published on Wednesday 22nd February 2017

One of the greatest concerns in today's world is cyber security. Data and computer security is not just the IT department's responsibility. It is everyone's job to be aware and vigilant at all times.

We are making it one of our primary objectives in 2017 to bring security awareness and education to our clients, at all levels of the business. As Premier Members of CompTIA, the IT industry's professional association, Trichromic has access to a large collection of excellent resources and training information. We are pleased to announce that we have some free CyberSecure online training courses to give away for you and your staff to learn the essential skills required of every modern day worker. These are very nicely presented, self-paced courses with a mixture of professional presentations, bullet-point lists and simple quizzes to test your understanding as you progress. You even get a certificate upon successful completion of the short final assessment. We have done the course and passed the assessment ourselves, so I can tell you first-hand this is a really great way to check that you are doing the basic things right and with very little technical jargon. Places are limited, so please get in touch and request a user login as soon as possible.

~ Alex Bailey