Trichromic LLP was formed in 2006 by John Sawyer, Alex Bailey and Lloyd Reid. Each had been running their own IT support businesses in Essex and London for several years previously and they soon realised that their skills complemented each other very well. They have since proven many times over the past 13 years that they deliver so much more having joined forces as a team. Starting out mainly to supply hardware, software, installation and reactive IT technical support to a range of small to medium size enterprises in Essex and London, Trichromic has constantly invested and worked hard to develop into today's leading-edge managed services and cloud solutions provider for customers across the UK. Wise business owners know that modern IT no longer needs to be a heavy capital investment in computer hardware, complex software licencing and in-house support staff. They want a flexible and scalable utilised service and the dynamic enthusiasm of a trusted technology partner that ensures skilled pro-active management of both on-premise equipment and cloud services. Trichromic knows that each of our clients have requirements and budgets at different points in this industry transition and so we offer a wide range of service levels from traditional 'break/fix' reactive IT support options through to fully-managed IT systems.

  • John Sawyer

    John Sawyer

    Commercial Partner

    John has worked in the IT industry for over 40 years and brings this wealth of experience when delivering tailored and cost-effective IT solutions for a wide range of businesses.
    John firmly believes that the right solution doesn't have to be a technically complex one and is particularly good at listening to customers and translating the vision of non-technical business owners into technical answers.
    Please view John's LinkedIn profile for more details.

  • Alex Bailey

    Alex Bailey

    Managing Partner

    Alex is passionate about applying technology to solve practical problems and improve business processes. He started writing software 39 years ago and spent many years designing and implementing industrial process control systems before branching into data acquisition and communication solutions in the pioneering days of IT. He has been running technology solutions businesses for 19 years.

    "Our team works hard to build strong long-term partnerships with our customers, so they can trust that the solutions we present to them are the right fit for their particular business requirements and we know we can trust in the quality of the products and services with which we implement and support our solutions." ~ Alex

  • Lloyd Reid

    Lloyd Reid

    Technical Partner

    Lloyd has over 20 years of experience building and supporting technical solutions for many types of businesses and enjoys exploring new products and technologies and then clearly explaining to our clients how these solutions can help improve their efficiency and business growth. He is a skilled technical trouble-shooter and has strong data and telephone networking knowledge.
    Please view Lloyd's LinkedIn profile for more details.